LES AVENTURIERS (The Adventurers)

les aventuriers

Whether we are actively acting upon them or not we all have these wild ideas that are constantly on our mind. we as human beings are naturally designed to improve our conditions of living. however, the question is what do you do about these dreams. Some of us think that they are impossible to be fulfilled based on their current reality while some decide to do anything possible to see these dreams manifested in their reality. And this desire to see a better tomorrow takes us on many roads and for some of us we travel miles to far away lands. this is the case of the people of this abattoir in Abidjan.

It was during my trip to my home country Cote D'Ivoire in 2015 that I discovered this pace. Thus, one day I decided to go there in the morning to really have an interesting perspective of this gigantic slaughterhouse and the people it gathers. It was a surprise for me to see the crowd that was populating this place at 7 am. It seemed as if they had been there for hours. I could see young men some even younger than me covered in sweat on this cool overcast day. As I went deeper into the yard I found myself in a scene that could be compared to being in the center of a 500 piece orchestra. the younger boys were doing the more physical work caring dead cows from on place to the other on their wheelbarrow. some were carrying the freshly skinned meat on their shoulder. these movements were accompanied by the noise of the machete crashing against the bones of the limbs being removed from the trunks of the cows. In the middle of this symphony, there was still space for some vocals. the men were chanting and screaming names across the yard.  

I, later on, moved to a quieter part of the abattoir, there I had a conversation with a young man who told me more about the people working in this place. Himself was an immigrant just like most of the people working in this place. They all moved from various country surrounding Cote D'Ivoire and decided to leave their rural environment to go to a better place in order to improve their lives. young men ranging from age 16 to 40 left their villages and moved to another place totally new to them and decide to do anything and everything possible to change their story even if that requires to battle in cow's blood, mud and sweat every day from 4 am to 5 pm.