Brice Esso was born in Cote D’Ivoire. Early in his life the little boy discovered his interest for the visual arts.

This passion didn’t really generate much interest from his parents since art was not considered to be noble profession at the time in Cote D’Ivoire. Drawing being repressed throughout his education, Brice went on to study finance which lead him to the United States to further his education.

In Atlanta, the young man decided to let his inner voice speak louder and started to explore his creativity through music and shortly after he picked up a camera.

While growing as a photographer, Brice fell back in love with drawing and painting. Self-teaching was going well but the old Masters pieces had something that the young artist couldn’t begin to fathom. He then Applied to the New York Academy of Art where he started to study art from the vantage point of the old master and the western tradition.

Brice Esso now in his sculpture is mixing the formal approach of the old master and the esoteric language of the African carvers.


                                                                                                ARTIST STATEMENT

My work is ultimately about relationships, the interactions we have with others. In a sense we interact with the part of ourselves in the world. It is this feeling that I am trying to recreate with my sculptures.

I make portraits that radiate feelings that are familiar to us. A sculpture is the shell of the artist’s desires or fantasies.

The material surrounds the force of the thoughts that are conjured up into the piece. The variety of these metaphysical energies leads the material selection in order to effectively give us a sense of what is under the surface.

In that sense I collaborate closely with the material and meticulously peel the layers to reveal the forms translate emotion and tickle the viewers’ imagination.